Orwell Versus the Left/Right Paradigm

Orwell 4 President

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password: 2plus2equals5

Orwell 4 President: A Mockumentary Film


orwell the oracleA man from a cave, homeless, rises in two years to the highest office in the land. From rags to riches, literally. This is a “how to” film on how any person in America can become President. Orwell is a protest vote against the establishment system, that’s owned, controlled and operated by the corporate cartels. (Banking, Military, Pharmaceutical, Media, etc.)

The time to be pissed has passed… A write-in PROTEST VOTE in 2016 for “Orwell” or “Willie Nelson” or “Batman” can begin the process of healing. Let’s send a message to the powers-that-be, who give us candidates like Clinton and Trump. The lesser of two evils, makes us all complicit in evil.

Vote with your dollar… ONE DOLLAR = one vote… go to Indiegogo.com and help us make our mockumentary on a system in tatters. You will get credit in the film, “messages” from the President-elect and a digital copy of the film when it’s complete all for one vote (one dollar!)

Pass the word… this is the year of the PROTEST VOTE! By the 2020 election, with 20-20 vision, we’ll recognize the write-in protest vote as common sense logic.

Go to:





AND help the terrorist lose…

yours in absurdity,

Bob Reynolds



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  1. bob699669 says:

    Where do I sign up?


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